48 Hour Stream

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To access it you must join the team & become a Bank Job member AKA a  Bank Jobber! Got what it takes? (OK - you actually just need to fill out the form below - you will get a confirmation email with access instructions) You have access to the film immediately and on 26 Feb for the live stream plus Q&A!

After 5 years of research and hard making, our independent feature documentary Bank Job is ready to launch. The film has been made with the support of the BFI Doc Society Fund and follows our journey from finding out about Strike Debt / The Debt Collective buying up and abolishing millions of dollars of debt in the USA - to setting up our own Rebel Bank and subsequent debt buying adventure in the UK.

The film has been described as "amazing" by Charlie Phillips, the head of documentary at The Guardian -


Charlie writes:


"Ah I love this film! So inspiring!


And US indie producer Neal Dodson - behind the 2011 indie smash about the financial crisis "Margin Call" said:


'Dan & Hilary -- I just finished watching your film, with my wife Ashley, and we simply loved it. It's in amazing shape. Off the cuff reactions -- it's smart, it's gonzo, it's genuinely and humbly told, it's funny, it's got a purpose without feeling preachy, it doesn't propose to know all the answers but you ask great questions and you do something anyway. I genuinely love it."


So come on --- treat yourself!


This screening is going to be such great fun - and given the never ending quarantine conditions - don't we all deserve a little treat - a film preview - together --- kind of ?


The ongoing Covid 19 situation means the Bank Job feature film preview will be online - most probably delivered via Vimeo.


Buying a ticket gives you 48 hours to watch the film from the moment you stream it and access to the live stream at 7pm Friday 26 Feb 2021.


There will be a post screening Q+A held via inside the membership with the filmmaker/ artists and John McDonnell and other exciting guests


Below we have devised some preview packages to peruse. We have decided to give away DVDs with early bird tickets - these will be sent out next year once the film is on general release.


If you miss this special preview, it will be quite some time before you'll be able to watch the film - probably late Summer 2021


with love & solidarity Dan & Hilary - Feb 2021, London.


Our Bank Job is a community heist, where we get together to pull a number on the financial system - hacking into the secondary market to buy up and then blow up £1.2m of high interest debt. Join us on this white knuckle ride into and beyond the dark heart of our economy.







Ann Pettifor and Grace Blakeley are two amazing economic thinkers and actors greatly admired by the Bank Job team - and we are thrilled to have them with us for the Q&A recorded from Bank Job film UK preview on Fri 11 December at 9pm.  You'll find their Q&A in the portal when you log in.